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Hang Seng Bank Façade



Architectural, Façade Design


Building Façade, Banking



Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong





HHM Studio

The building facade design is the result of advanced computational strategies and parametric modeling techniques, which have been employed to create a dynamic and visually engaging wave pattern across the building's exterior. The facade is composed of hundreds of vertical aluminum fins, which are arranged in a precise spacing of approximately 100mm apart to maintain the continuity of the wave pattern and accommodate lighting fixtures.

The design achieves a sense of depth and texture through the variation of the fins' depth and length, which also allow the facade to respond to changing weather conditions. The fins cast shadows that create a play of light and shadow, enhancing the visual effect and instilling a sense of motion and dynamism to the building's exterior.

The result is a sophisticated and innovative design that showcases the potential of computational design and engineering to create functional and visually striking architectural elements that contribute to the built environment.

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