+-x÷ For the City. For the Community

Category: Exhibition, Installation

Location: Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

Year: 2016

Just another ordinary Monday, he thought, as he walked across one of the many criss-crossing footbridges at Taikoo place, He saw a handful of large white translucent cylinders standing on the floor, each with text written on. He duly set the cylinder spinning furiously, as if powered by his angst and exasperation. A woman –who worked across the aisle from his seat did the same and the footbridge was shimmering gently in the morning sun. They moved on with the day and put the art piece at the back of his mind.

As the night fell upon the city he dragged his tired body back to the footbridge. He was stunned by the spectacle in front of him. The white cylinders, now lit up from inside, lit up the space like floating lanterns. The text written on the cylinders were projected onto the ceiling. They gently splashed and rippled and turned the footbridge into a river of light and words. The cylinder he spun in the morning was the brightest among all, projecting – as it turned out – a beautiful extract from My City (我城).

Stood a few feet away from him and as awe-struck as he was was the woman who sat across the aisle. She walked up to him, 'What does yours say?’


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