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LOT is “Language of Thought”, architectural and interior design is a manifestation of ideas and culture. Nikki Ho established LOT Architects in 2015, who visions to connect space with people, and create spaces that are meaningful with context and innovation. “People-centred architecture” is our belief, as we care about the community, culture, nature and human needs.

LOT team has been working in diverse types of projects including residential, architectural, F&B, workspace and retail design, as well as art exhibition etc. We devote to support clients to create their own stories through unique design. The team has gained extensive achievements in international architectural and interior design awards, and participated in the Venice Biennale Exhibition in 2016 and 2020.

Scope of Profession

Interior Design

Residential & House

Commercial Interior Design

F&B, Office & Retail Design

Architectural Design

One-stop Design & Build Services

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