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HK Institute of Architects Annual Award 2014 (Residential Group)

KCP-Facade Design_13.jpg

Service: Facade Design

Category: Shopping Mall

Location: Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Year: 2018/19
Client: Private

The Kowloon walled city was the most significant landmark and symbolic representation of Kowloon City until 1993. One of the interesting condition is the improvisation of construction by the residents which created a kind of randomness configuration.

Lot Architects had created a series of random geometries from the protruded structure of Kowloon City as the skin of the facade. The skin of the building not only forms a static decorative cladding, but a device that is able to reflect the internal and external spatial relationship with the context and people. The design brings into the movement of shadow during the day as well as visualizes the randomized geometries derived from the Kowloon Walled City. 

Randomized geometries derived from the elevation of Kowloon Walled City is expressed in the form of tilted white perforated metal panels with backlit lighting effect. 

The facade proposed a match of yellow and white which is expressed at the street level and upper part of the mall respectively: In which the circular engraved pattern along the yellow wall merges with the perforated yellow metal panels and created a harmonized effect on street level; the upper parts formed by white ceramic perforated tiles with slanted metal panel feature, which created shadows with varying circular patterns that changes during different time of the day; signage is expressed in a form of lighting feature behind circular mesh which harmonized with the overall design expression. 

KCP-Facade Design_12A.jpg
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