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Too Soon Café


Interior Design, Design & Build





Prince Edward, Hong Kong





1,200 sqft.


Steven Ko

Inspired by the quote “It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be” as expressed in a renowned novel The Time Keeper, the message of ‘living in the moment” is evoked. We vivify the imagery with the concept of “Sunset in the Desert” for the shop design, as good memories fleeting like setting sun.


The beauty of sunset is reflected in a gradient tone of the shop exterior which juxtaposed with tiles, metal cladding and texture paint. A semi-opened area “framed” by a cave-like arch, is scheduled for takeaways and coffee-breaks.

Upon entering the shop, the guests’ eyesight will be caught by two distinctive brick walls. Slanted red bricks have composed a breath-taking scenery of sand dunes and a perforated wall that allows penetration of natural light and interaction with the neighbourhood. To unify with the “cave” theme, a curved ceiling over the open kitchen is built, also adding visual interest to the space.

1/F is served as a private venue that extends the desert and cave design. It features a curvilinear ceiling in clay tone, arched windows, and blended with cement paint, to underscore the sense of minimalistic and unrefined beauty. The designer has succeeded in capturing the precious moments of the setting sun, to provide a serene oasis in the bustling city.

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